The Duncan Trussell Family Hour (podcasts)
A weekly electronic salon style super show.

Zach leary, It's all Happening podcast, joins the DTFH and we talk about our upcoming attempt to bring virtual reality into a flotation tank.


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Rick Doblin, the founder of MAPS, joins Duncan on the Squarespace You Are God bus and they talk about the beautiful path Rick is blazing into a future where MDMA and other psychedelics can be prescribed by clinicians.



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The first live Lavender Hour at The Laughing Skull in Atlanta!

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While in Hawaii Duncan and Natasha have an in depth discussion about the words gay and retarded. Natasha makes an exciting announcement.

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Episode 4: "Cruel to be kind' with Tim and Marilyn Heidecker

Natasha and Duncan get new equipment they don't understand and decide this is going to be a fortnightly rather than weekly podcast.  Tim and Marilyn Heidecker join and the four have one of the greatest conversations since the 60's. In this mind searing podcast Duncan and Tim nearly come to blows on topics ranging from Garfield to Sha-na-na.   

Plus great housing opportunities for homeless models!

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  Episode 3: Steve Jobs Toilet


In this episode Natasha and Duncan discuss pussy-nerds, laser toilets and get into a dumb fight about racism. Chris Hardwick helps shed light on the new ipad controversy by helping us answer the question: Is Steve Jobs OUR Kim Jong il? Plus new commericials for the Legussel comedy bootcamp, and KFC fetus fajitas!

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Episode 2:  Jesus Freaks with Nick Thune


Natasha and Duncan discuss virtuosity, emptying your spiritual cache, and give housing tips for homeless swingers. You'll also learn about something you shouldn't do if you're a guest on our show. Also includes a family song from Charles Manson.

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Episode 1: Professional Assholes with Steve Agee

In this episode Natasha and Duncan discuss the meaning of the lavender hour, the concept of "professional assholes" and the omnipresence of recording devices. Steve talks about how he became a twitter millionare, they give tips on how to find rent in Los Angeles for less than $50 a month, and they all act out a scene from Star Wars.

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