The Duncan Trussell Family Hour
A weekly electronic salon style super show.

A solar episode of the DTFH with Aubrey Marcus ( we talk about selflessness, shamanism and the sun.


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A rambling and probably incorrect interpretation of some of Chogyam Trungpa's writing followed by a mattress commercial disguised as an episode of Forensic Files.  Duncan is joined by Emil Amos (Holy Sons, Grails, OM) and they talk about impermanence, David Bowie, and the dangers of reflecting the true self.


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The Majestic Pete Holmes joins the DTFH and we talk about the concept of home, boobs, and enlightenment.


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Philosopher, author and podcaster, Daniele Bolelli, returns to the DTFH to talk about his new book "Not Afraid, on fear, heartbreak, raising a little girl, and cage fighting."    Also Duncan announces his upcoming tour in a truly beautiful SONG.

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