The Duncan Trussell Family Hour
A weekly electronic salon style super show.

Episode 10: Hairy Gold with Derek Waters

Natasha Duncan and Derek discuss the perils of getting old, why all atheists seem pissed, and the hell of Hungry Ghosts.

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What starts out as a congenial discussion about french prison rape turns into an up-close and personal lovers brawl that you probably shouldn't be listening to.

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Natasha & Duncan are joined by comedy couple Jen Kirkman and Neil Cambell. Duncan coins a word for the Craigslist man-stink and Natasha unveils that she was born a french orphan. The quartet discuss a myriad of conspiracies including Walt Disney's soup, JFK's beautiful brains and how we landed on the moon with the technology of a golf cart.  

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Duncan and Natasha return with a new Lavender Hour and promise to do it every week.  They discuss how to properly hunt and gather on the internet and wonder if Lady Gaga is our Ben Franklin. Duncan gets insecure when Natasha makes fun of his horrible singing voice and compares her laugh to the vuvuzela.

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