The Duncan Trussell Family Hour
A weekly electronic salon style super show.

The CEO of Feral Audio, Dustin Marshall, joins the DTFH and we talk about the many strange forms of the guru, borderline personality disorder, and having the guts to tackle your mental problems.

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Duncan, Zach Leary, and Gay Dillingham talk about the amazing Timothy Leary and the upcoming documentary, Dying To Know, which tells the tale of Ram Dass and Tim Leary's tumultuous and deeply loving friendship.


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Duncan does a long winded inspirational rant which he feels severe reservations about uploading and is joined by Shane Mauss who schools him on neurology, science and DMT.

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Duncan rants about a quantum physics experiment he barely understand and is joined by Johnny Pemberton (Twisting The Wind, Kevin, Spray Boy, The Craftsmen, 21 Jump Street) They talk about the perfect high school, Magic, and the NSA

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