The Duncan Trussell Family Hour
A weekly electronic salon style super show.

Night of the Snake contains subliminal sub-audible demonic conditioning messages. It also contains a SPOOKY prank call, a reading of Edgar Allen Poe's premature burial, an appearance by Snake and Alpha-Duncan, and much Much MORE! All for a MERE TWO DOLLARS!

This is a bonus episode that will cost you TWO WHOLE DOLLARS, minimum! Scroll down to see additional purchasing options.

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The great EMIL AMOS(holy sons, Grails, Om) returns to the DTFH and we explode the blindfold of delusion with high level truth spews.

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Keith and Chemda from the beloved pocast Keith and The Girl join the DTFH!

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Zen Rev.Teijo Munnich discusses zen and meditation.

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Dr. Chris Ryan returns to the DTFH and talks about anal sex, erotic penguins, and painting walls in India.

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