The Duncan Trussell Family Hour
A weekly electronic salon style super show.

World Explorer, Mikey Kampmann, tells of his wild, supernatural, adventures in the south pole.   

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Fighter, stuntman, actor, and entrepreneur, Tait Fletcher joins the DTFH and talks about his ascent from cat burglar to hero!


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Dr. Drew (Loveline, The Dr. Drew Show) and Comedian Fred Stoller (Everybody Loves Raymond, Maybe We'll have You Back) join the DTFH to talk about the deep existential questions that inevitable all humans must face!!


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Duncan is joined by SHANE STOTT the founder of Zen Float Company and they talk about the history of floating and the many theories for the weird stuff that happens to you when you use a flotation tank.


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Dr. Chris Ryan (Sex At Dawn) joins Duncan to talk about, cats, parasites, human swarms, and his upcoming book "Civilized To Death."



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Chris' Web Site

Chris Ryan On Twitter



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