The Duncan Trussell Family Hour
A weekly electronic salon style super show.

Al Madrigal (the daily show, all things comedy network) talks about what he did before comedy and why hard work is the answer!


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A groundbreaking episode with comedian, actor,  and author Laura Kightlinger (the minor accomplishments of Jackie Woodman, HBO comedy Special, quick shots of false hope) we talk about success and ghosts!



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Comedian Jayson Thibault (Punch drunk/all things comedy) joins the DTFH and we talk about comedy, freedom,  and battling the demon ALCOHOL.  


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Comedian superstar Natasha Leggero joins the DTFH and we talk about politics and the present moment.


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Adam Eget, the talent coordinator of The Comedy Store, joins the DTFH and we talk about the insanity of being a talent coordinator, the ghosts of the comedy store, and the dangerous cult that Adam spent two and a half years in when he was a kid.


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Duncan is joined by Buddhist teacher and author LAMA SURYA DAS.  They talk about past lives, present lives, and Lama Surya Das teaches a simple way to access the monumental glory of the present moment.

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