The Duncan Trussell Family Hour
A weekly electronic salon style super show.

The host and star of the Kroll show NICK KROLL joins the DTFH to talk about comedy, spirituality, and the final season of the Kroll show.

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World renowned Visionary artists  Allyson and Alex Grey ( join the DTFH and talk about temple building, art, psychedelics and much much more. This is a barn burner, pals.  #cosmicooze

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Genius artist Martin Witfooth joins the DTFH to talk about art and nature.

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World famous musician, spiritual teacher, and Kiertan Wallah, Krishna Das joins the DTFH.

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Buddhist teacher and author Sharon Salzberg teaches Duncan about anger, compassion, and starting over.  A great listen if you're someone who gets down on themselves for not keeping a consistent practice. 

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The world famous Dr. Drew joins the DTFH and we talk about psychedelics, addiction, anxiety, and flourishing.

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Our lord and savior Bert Kreischer(Trip Flip, Bert The Conquerer) returns to the DTFH!

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Christina Pazsitzky (thats deep bro, your mom's house) enlightens us! Also I report on my experience at a quarantine camp for the latest disease ravaging planet earth: SHAKE IT OFF.

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Duncan's shaman, Aubrey Marcus, returns to tell us of his most recent journey to the ayahuasca realm!

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